30 January 2013

2013 RAW United Record Breakers Meet

After long last and many setbacks, my GF and I were finally able to do a meet.  This would be my second, her first.  I think there were over 100 lifters lifting, so they actually split it up into a two day event, with two meets each day--a morning session starting at 9am and the afternoon session starting at 3pm.

My day of lifting was on Sunday 20 January.  I had chosen 430 as my opener on the squat and succeeded in completing the lift.  460 was my next attempt, and I got red lighted for depth, and on the third attempt, I got red lighted for missing the cue.  So, practice your goddamn cues.

Bench pressing was dismal for me, and I wound up with 255 again, much like I did in my first meet.

Deadlifts were awesome.  I went three for three (480,502,520), hit some PRs, and wound up with a 1205 total at 181lbs.  No cutting of the weight involved like last time, which means I legitimately weighed about 10lbs less than my last meet, and got strong enough to add 150lbs to my total.

Here's a deadlift video:

All in all, I set two contest PRs, and on the deadlift I set an overall PR and added 60lbs to it in about a year and had a good time doing so.  RAW United runs their meets like a well oiled machine.

In other news, Saturday the 19th Arielle  captured an award for best lifter, and at 148lbs ended up with a 225lb squat, a 120lb Bench, and a 285lb DL.  Not bad for using Gym Movement only since March of 2012.