06 December 2014

A Valediction Forbidding Getting Turnt Up

"But trepidation of the spheres, though greater far, is innocent."--John Donne

It's almost Christmas time. For me, that usually means a time of great introspection.

I like the John Donne quote because it sums up pretty much my whole life.

People ask me about Ferguson, or Eric Garner. I can't--nor do I want to--give an opinion on it. The fact is that we have nothing but hearsay and a trial to go on. And we have a bevy of arm chair lawyers opining, making declarations, and ignoring the fact that the justice system did take it's course.

What we do know we can glean from several works of fiction (Lord of the Flies, Heart of Darkness, Apocalypse Now), and the Stanford Prison Experiment, as well as Zimbardo's subsequent work, The Lucifer Effect. In short: if you have the potential to be lawless, you might.

And given the fact that I wasn't there, it does no good for me to get turnt up over it, since my actions on that sensation can't and won't bring anyone back to life, or change an already established verdict.

So yeah, social justice is important, but until I can act on certain sensations to properly deal with them, I am likely better off doing something else.

In other news,I am happy that Arielle and I have been together two years, and doing fine. Sex is still fantastic for both of us, and we still rarely argue. I have also expanded my training to the online world as well. You probably will want to check that out here. It'll likely be one of your better investments. .