28 September 2011

Mind into Matter

As many of you may know, should you still actually read this, I test what I do, regarding movements.  As I explained before over here, you can set some nice PRs every day with this protocol.  Based off something another movement member by the name of Darryl and I spoke of, I decided to run an experiment for two weeks.

The idea, as I interpreted it, amounted to the testing of our thoughts.  So, for instance, I would go to the gym, and think about the movements I wanted to do.  I would test the idea.  Then I would test the weights, by merely thinking of them.  I expect to lose half of my readership after this post, but the results from this experiment at this point are pretty swell.

I initially toyed with this, and then second guessed myself by actually testing the weights and loads to use properly.  Shortly over two weeks ago, I abandoned all second guessing and did what ever tested well by way of thinking. 

Of late, I have been squatting, and box squatting and doing good mornings on a regular basis, and the PRs since testing in this manner, have been better than they were before, though it does seem that box squatting is helping my regular squat, along with the good mornings.  Observe:

Here is a graph.  Shouldn't be too hard to figure out.  Back on 29 July, my best Box Squat was four sets of two with 225, fast forward to 21 September, and I have doubled the reps with 225 and still did it in under eight minutes.  My 1RM was 275, last time I checked, and when I started this, 225 seemed heavy.  Sometimes, however box squats do not test as well as regular squats.

23 July, I managed four singles with 245 in five minutes, roughly.  19 September, I hit 2 triples, and 3 doubles in under eight minutes with the same weight.  The proud moment was yesterday, when I hit two sets of five and a bunch of sets of four with 225 (bar kept slipping as I got sweatier, otherwise I would have had all sets of five).

Part of the magic must be due to the good morning.  I have not really ever done them, but they keep getting easier every time I do them.  I now do them regularly, and lately the squats, box squats and good mornings are all synergistically climbing. 

When I first stepped under the 245, I was goddamn terrified, but the second time it was pretty easy.  Compared to when I did 135 back in August, it is all way easier.  25 August, the day after my first good morning session, my abs were on fire.  Now, they don't get sore.

Around the week of 7-12 September, I started testing merely the thought of the movements, and I believe this process saves me a shit ton of energy--as I do all the movements with the best thought tested weight right off the bat, sans a proper warm up.  I also believe the PRs are greater, and more prevalent in all movements.  Whereas, before I wouldn't PR in everything, I am now PRing in every single movement in a training session.  I think this might well be one path to the realization between the mind and body's interconnection.

More on this process to come, and how you can implement it to testing other non movement types of things, like food, people and toothpastes and deodorant.