04 October 2010

If you can't make the time to train, you're a goddamned liar

I used training in the title, but this applies to almost anything that humans tell themselves they need (or want) to do.  Being that I started a weightliftingand that I teach guitar, I once thought that all the excuses I heard from people were different, regarding their time.  For both endeavors, people will make the most absurd excuses as to why they cannot commit to the activity.  In my circles, school work and jobs come up the most often. 

In spite of all these excuses, what the person who says they do not have time to train or practice is saying is as follows:  "I thought this would be easier than it is, and it turns out I am wrong.  I promptly need to get fucked now because I can't assess any undertaking, and I see no value in this activity." 

If you make excuses like those above, you are just as worthless as this fuck rag (Lindsay Lohan).

I am going to give you a list of things you can do to manage your time better, because for some people it seems to be an insurmountable task.  As a preliminary, taking time to do an activity--we will say training in this case--is not something you do outside of your normal life.  Your normal life encompasses training, and other meaningless shit comes later.   If you are fat, and need to train, saying you are sick and that you are going to a party later is not a valid excuse, unless you want to settle for the mediocrity you are destined to achieve. 

1. Stop watching TV.  Or, if you are completely worthless, watch TV on the internet.  You'll save time by not watching commercials. 
2.  Don't eat out often.  Driving to a place, parking and waiting takes time.  Even fast food restaurants are not worth the wait anymore. 
3.  Learn to cook.  You'll save money.  You'll eat better and you will feel better.  In short, learning to cook equals a less worthless you. 

Learn how to cook stuff like this on your own.  If you can't learn how to cook, you should learn how to fire a gun and blow your own head off. 
4.  Invest in some of your own shit to lift.  Your body is a good one, you can also get a kettlebell, or a barbell.  Ideally, while you are waiting for your food to cook, lift said weights. 
5.  Read more.  About any subject. Like cooking or lifting, to name two.  You'll get smarter.  And it will help you not watch TV.  (See 1).

6.  Don't check your phone and email so damn much. 

If you can't follow any of these instructions to get some training in, you really do suck at not cheating yourself.  Get some character, and make an effort to train, and make it a part of you.  And as a bonus tip, if you must, break up an hour long session into four fifteen minute sessions if you "really do not have the time."


  1. You forgot to mention the fact that you can actually lift or do other exercises while watching TV. And you can have dinner cooking in the background. Three things at once, imagine that.

  2. Nice post! You really might offend someone out there. I am going to link to this on my blog! ;)

  3. I woke up late this a.m. and didn't have time for a full work out. My son got in the shower before I did, so I did 100 kettlebell swings with my new 24kg bell while I waited. There is always time to work out!


  4. Thanks Peter my teacher! Useful and as always helpful advice! I <3 your blog. Keep the entries comin'! Very inspiring! I did my first deadlifts today and practiced guitar for over an hour! fuck yeah!

  5. The key is balance I feel. You should always make time to work out. However dont let your grades drop because you spend time working out after class and are too tired to do HW when you get home. Thats my problem, I wake up and go all day and get home late.

  6. Well, here's the thing. Those are big time consumers. There are also little time consumers. Think about how long it takes you to stop at a convenience store. You can suck the life out of fifteen minutes, without even realizing it. Especially if there is a line. Or think about how much time you spend checking your phone--shit even I am guilty of that. Or watching TV. The time can add up. The key is to do the big shit and manage that, then manage the little crap.