24 June 2014

Personal Growth

So, back in January I forgot to clock out for my lunch break at work. I worked at a call center and it was horrible.  The company--Coca-Cola--had a strict policy regarding sort of thing, and I knew I was fucked because it was the last time I could fuck up.  Now, I only forgot because I was so excited to buy stuff for my new old age dog we'd just taken in.
So I did what anyone would do. Slacked the fuck off and took a month of paid vacation and decided I should probably start personal training people on a full time basis.  Which is exactly what I wound up doing.

Just as well, this site has become something different and that's fine. If you wanna talk about exercise go to the website I just linked.

Ten years ago this August I was 18 and entering college as a theatre major. 3 years later, living at home still, I moved with my father to Brandon, FL from Plant City. Switched majors to Religious Studies. Still played in the band and played a lot of Dungeons and Dragons and Vampire: The Masquerade.

Two years later: this happened.

After that, I lived in and out of homes, on couches, and finally with former band mates that left near when I did. Found Gym Movement.  Moved to Wesley Chapel, FL.

We had a big house and some kitties.  I lived with my best friend his old lady, and a guy I knew and was friends with who had a lumbering gait and flipped out before going to med school--he's doing well now.

Later that year in December (2011) I did my first powerlifting meet.

Beginning of 2012, This happened.

I feel a lot better now. 11 November, Arielle and I started dating for the second time--first time was in 2006.

A couple days ago we managed to get her to do a pistol after a few minutes of work.
2013 starts and I move in with another old band member and his nutty girlfriend in Brandon, FL.  July, Arielle and I had a trial live in to see if it would work.  It did.

I move out of there and live with her in Tampa, FL now. With our dogs and cats. And more badly motor patterned roommates.  When business takes off, I will rid myself of that problem too.

Losing the job, though probably one of the best things to have happened to me aside from knowing perpetual daily progress, was also pretty scary. I guess the moral of this as follows: don't be afraid to change your goals. Was college useless? Maybe. I impress people at dinner parties with the religion degree, but aside from that I move people away when they seek spiritual advice--mainly because I don't give a shit about it, but it's also personal for them.  I also don't hold any religious beliefs of my own. Frankie says move with your opponent and not against them for better grappling progress. The same holds true if the opponent is yourself.

For the long time readers.

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