06 September 2010

Even more things I enjoy doing

Last time I told you about things you can do in your workout that will help you not suck.  By the way, number three on the T-Muscle ten awesome challenges should be doable by anyone who is proficient at swinging a kettlebell.   The rest seem pretty good.

First, I had myself a refeed this weekend.  The idea of it is to replace your muscle glycogen and raise your leptin levels.   It went well, I ate normally, had some vegetables and fruits and stuff.  I also had a cheat meal.  I ate some sweet Chicken Parmesan, and I think the sudden influx of all the dairy (after a week without it) made me feel like a piece of shit for a few hours after. 

I love google images.
I feel fine now, and am back on the Ketogenic path for the week.

As a note, only handicapped people should take elevators.  And people who are carrying a lot of shit and might kill themselves walking down the stairs.  Also, if you are in danger of shitting your pants, take the elevator. 

Otherwise, you have no reason to take an elevator.  As promised, here are more things you can do to not suck in your training.
  1. I saw in Convict Conditioning (http://www.dragondoor.com/b41.html) somewhere where the author recommended picking a friend up on your shoulder and sprinting a distance, and having your friend do the same thing upon being set down.  I have not done this, but I don't see why it wouldn't be bad ass.  
  2. The kettlebell Long Cycle.  For those not in the know, the Long Cycle is a simple exercise--you clean and jerk two kettlebells for reps.  That's a clean, followed by a jerk.  Work up to a pair of 32kg bells if you're a male.  It's absolutely brutal.  
  3. Sprint up a hill.  Or sprint up stairs.  This doesn't need any explanation.  
  4. Play Racquetball.  I don't know if any of you have played it, but the bursts of energy required are often short and very intense.  And you run the risk of getting hit by the ball sometimes.  Also, it is way better than tennis.  
  5. Have sex.  If you're a guy, stand up and hold on to your girlfriend and you'll get a much better workout and a nice pump in your quads. 

In conclusion, you can combine one or more of these.  Just do more than you are capable of.  You are always capable of more than you think you are.  So make it happen, and do something that's worth a shit with your training.
This is about the only reason tennis interests me.    


  1. Sorry to hear that chicken parmesan didn't sit well with you! In the past (before developing my signature appetite) I used to get very weighed down/bloated/sick-feeling from a lot of fats and carbs in the same meal (Italian food, for example). Doesn't seem to affect me anymore, since I eat a large variety of stuff throughout the week now, heh.

    "In conclusion, you can combine one or more of these. Just do more than you are capable of. You are always capable of more than you think you are. So make it happen, and do something that's worth a shit with your training."

    Nice finisher!

  2. I started a kettlebell club at my university, mostly as a way to eschew the gym there and their disapproval of chalk. So many people would come and go and did not tap into their utmost potential, that it upset me. THe same thing happens with the kids I teach guitar and piano too. They just don't know what they can do. Couple hours after the Parm, I was good. It was fucking delicious though.