13 September 2010

A history of your beliefs Part 1

Recently, some dick weed said he was going to burn a fuck ton of Qur'ans on 9/11.  Centuries ago a bunch of white guys in sheets decided it would be a good idea to scare black people to protect "their" white women and their communities.  Hans Gruber held a bunch of hostages so he could get a shit ton of money from a vault. 

Early Americans wiped out a good portion of the Native American population.  There were the Crusades, The Spanish Inquisition, and a whole hell of a lot of holy wars out there. 

What the hell is the point of most of this?  The point is to talk about how at the center of it all, at least in appearance, religion was used as a form of legitimation for a lot of these acts.  One thing we learned in history class is that pilgrims came here to America to reform the Anglican church.  This crock of shit story covers the fact that if the people who come to America started up their own homestead, away from the Monarchs, they could do more stuff that they wanted to do, like start their own industries and make more money.  And they could worship whatever they wanted and how they wanted as an afterthought. 

I know that religious acceptance wasn't cool in England back then, and I am not denying the importance of legit believers--but who in their right mind thinks that The Cross was the number one issue? 

People always look after their bread first. C.R.E.A.M get the money, dolla dolla bill, ya'll.  

The Ku Klux Klan started in the aftermath of the Civil War, which was a war not bent at abolishing slavery, but preserving the United States.   Later on, the Klan used protestantism to veil their terrorist practices--part of which included scaring the living fuck out of a lot of people, including immigrants who had shitty jobs, and could potentially revolt, like they were doing in Russia at the time (late 19th-early 20th century).  This could be viewed as protection for keeping their money.  If I get challenged on it, I'll develop the argument further. 

Stay tuned for more.