13 September 2010

Keto Dieting Continued, a PR, and how I'm gonna drop a knowledge bomb on you all

So, I refed myself this weekend.  It was grand, and to top it off, me and the old lady had a cheatmeal consisting of stuffed shells, with  skittles and a fuck ton of ice cream for desert.  It was awesome. According to the scale, I am around ten pounds lighter than when I started ketogenic dieting, and my autism is better.  Just kidding. I never had Autism.

Things I notice about dieting this way: eating a four pound thing of chicken is kind of easy, it takes the guess work out of cooking and you lose your taste for shitty foods.  That, and somehow, I still had my energy levels up enough to add 20 pounds to my deadlift, which means I am finally in the 405 pound club.  Next stop, 500.  Another of my immediate goals is to snatch the 32kg (70lb) kettlebell 100 times in five minutes.
Working toward it now, and it's going well.

The knowledge bomb to be dropped will be delivered in the form of a history on terrorism and as it relates to religion.  Be prepared.  It involves a lot of the bullshit in your news media nowadays.

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